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TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree Delivery Service
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"I re-cycle all trees that I pick up. Did you know that there are 350 million Christmas trees currently growing across the United States? Perhaps make recycling your tree after Christmas is over a new holiday tradition. TreeSanta Christmas trees are a renewable resource, each spring 1 - 3 seedlings are planted for every tree that I harvest!. Christmas definitely occurred, but after I've picked up your tree, you'll swear it never did. I know early January isn't the most exciting time of year, in fact it can be downright depressing. At very least I'll have made it a little less painful by ensuring a quick, clean and tidy tree removal, that is; after my initial delivery (which probably seemed like it just happened). I'm very thorough, even do a light cleaning prior to my departure and delivery to the local tree re-cycler.

The best part though is that I'm also highly accountable. I plant 2 - 3 new trees for each tree I harvest/deliver and Christmas comes back each year, so don't fret - I'll be back. Thank you for the opportunity to have been of service. Meanwhile may I potentially be the last to say firsthand, have a fantastic New Year, don't forget your discount code and I'll see you next Christmas!"

- TreeSanta
TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Delivery Service