TreeSanta's Countdown
TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree Delivery Service

Yep. It’s me! I run (literally, I run) an online tree delivery and recycle service starting right around Thanksgiving each year in the Chicagoland area. I stock the finest, best looking and best smelling real Christmas Trees that you’ll find anywhere in Illinois in various sizes.” -TS.

Does TreeSanta Have A Christmas Tree Lot?
“You mean do I want to live in a small trailer in a parking lot over the holidays? No! …well not this year anyway. Online ordering only with free next day delivery. Maybe in the future. Probably not! But, who knows.” -TS.

So Where Is TreeSanta?
“At your front door! I come to you after you summon me online via The address on this website is an office address, so no trees are located there! If you’d like to visit our tree inventory though you’re welcome to do that if you prefer. If you happen to catch us there, we’re about 2.5 miles due south of 1446 S. Michigan Ave. in a big ole’ warehouse …still right on Michigan Ave in Chicago (4042 S. Michigan Ave). You can expect a reasonable discount if you prefer to stop by to pick up your tree at a pre-scheduled time. Just give me a call or text for deets! There is a Keurig machine at the tree-warehouse that makes great coffee/tea/hot chocolate with plenty of to-go cups!” -TS.

What Kind Of Trees Does TreeSanta Deliver?
I only provide level-1 top quality Fraser Fir trees from an award winning family owned tree farm in North Carolina.
Reason(s) being: 1. They are soft yet stout enough to support heavy and multiple ornaments. 2. They have a very high, soft needle count yet also are the best at needle retention and last the longest. 3. They smell amazing and come in the most perfect natural shape from a local high yield home grown tree farm. 4. They are also easily recyclable.” -TS.

Should I Buy A Tree Online?
“The world is your oyster, its up to you! I understand some may be reserved about buying a tree albeit locally but online, sight unseen. That being the case the only solution to this to bring you the best yield of the best species of what nature can offer on each specific year. Regardless of added cost on my end, I only source the absolute best trees I can find nationwide and then bring them right to your front door here in the Chicagoland area. It’s the only way to make this system effective, and it is effective you will love your tree! It’s incomparable to what the big box retailers have in their inventory.” -TS.  

Why Fraser Firs From North Carolina?
“Because I love to create logistic hurdles in bringing trees in on-demand! Hmm. Okay so the real reason is Fraser Fir trees are native to North Carolina and this region produces the best tree yield year after year. Most local Fraser Fir tree lots in the Chicago area bring their trees in from Michigan or Wisconsin because it’s a lot easier and less expensive.  Logistic cost(s) as well as actual tree cost(s) are lower which can equate to higher $ margins…for them. The big box retailers do bring “inventory” in more on a national level a lot coming from NC however they only receive Level 2 or Level 3 category trees within each species, not the premium Level 1s. It’s true!” -TS.

Will My House Get Become Messy When TreeSanta Delivers Or Removes My Tree?
“Maybe just a little. My crew and I do our best to not make a mess. Real trees can be (are!) quite messy when they’re initially unpacked though and even more messy when they’re typically dry after the season, ready to be removed. We keep our trees wrapped and stored inside in a controlled facility post harvest to keep them as fresh as possible prior to being put on the Santa van for delivery. If we unwrapped our trees in storage like tree lots do (for display) that really expedites the tree drying out. So! they do have varying levels of organic debris (leaves/tree needles) that are packed inside once they are bailed at the tree farm and then unwrapped for the first time in your home. A vacuum pass through the tree once unfurled using the detachable wand from your home vacuum typically takes care of this issue rather quickly once the tree is on display in its stand.” -TS.

How Fresh Will My Tree Be Upon Delivery?
“Pretty darn fresh! Trees are harvested a few short days prior to delivery (to us). We then always put a fresh tree base cut on your tree just prior to sending them out for delivery to you. Trees are also watered daily in storage and remain packed as a close-knit-group in storage in twine prior to brining them to your front door to ensure your tree remains as fresh as possible through the season once unfurled. There are usually some current inventory photos on facebook each year if you’d like to have a look” -TS.

How Much Water Will My Tree Drink?
“It varies! Each tree is different and trees absorbing aka “drinking” water is not an exact science. Do not worry or over scrutinize water consumption. Check water levels frequently (right away especially) and make sure to keep the stand full at all times. There are those that suggest mixing sugar into the tree stand water helps the tree absorb more water (and smell better), adding Sprite, adding even vodka! Disclaimer! Nothing I’ve thoroughly tested firsthand nor can I personally recommend/guarantee but there are a lot of theories out there regarding what is helpful to add to the tree stand water. Be careful too watering your tree, make sure not to get the floor wet! Its’ recommend you add a “floor protector” or something similar under the tree base to avoid water damage. Anyway, I digress! Perhaps Google “How much water should my Christmas Tree drink?” -TS.

What Can I Do To Make My Tree Stay As Fresh As Possible?
“Well let’s do some bullet points!” -TS.

  • Put your tree in water asap.
  • Keep water in the tree stand.
  • Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans, as these will speed up the drying process.
  • If you have a room humidifier, not a bad idea to use during the tree display span as this too can help keep the needles fresher longer.
  • With good care your tree should stay fresh for a month or longer.

How Does Work?
“After browsing my site, simply use the online submission form to select what size Christmas tree you wish, select a delivery date/time and check-on-out. I also offer other holiday items as well which we can deliver with your tree if you wish. Whether you live in a single family home, high-rise condo or anywhere in-between; as long as you live within my delivery zip codes, I’ll be there.” -TS.

I Live In Chicago. Where Is My Delivery Zip Code?
“Hmm. It happens. Simply select any zip code from the list and then just make a note of your zip code in the “delivery comments” area prior to checking out. Not only will we deliver your tree, but we’ll update the website too! Yeah!” -TS.

How Does Delivery Work?
“We use a slightly complex electronic scheduling system but there is human element (me!) added to everything. Either way human or computer, sometimes there are “glitches” (mostly human!) but for the most part we work together smoothly. Delivery scheduling for the day ahead is closed by around 5pm the day before. Around 6-8pm the day prior to your scheduled delivery you’ll receive a text from me with an updated delivery window along with some silly festive yet somewhat questionable emojis. On delivery day I’ll do my best to be punctual (within our projected arrival window) and we will try to keep you updated via text again if there are any arrival timing issues…which do arise! …due in no small part to the custom nuances that are built into each specific delivery and random traffic patterns, etc. at any given point during the days route. Rest assured I never forget to set my alarm clock though so if I’m late (or a little early) it typically won’t be because of something I have control of!” -TS.

Will TreeSanta Bring Anything Else?
“Like what? ….coffee? pizza? pumpkin? Maybe a coffee if you really want me to, can’t hurt to ask! I pretty much do Christmas Trees and holiday items only. However! …I do have tree stands, LED lights, tree skirts, green extension cords, plush high-quality Santa hats and other festive items. Everything is listed on my super-easy order form (visible prior to checkout). I also always have an eye on what’s “newly” available on any given year so items will come and go based on popularity as well as seasonal availability. There will always be an array of high quality, sometimes limited-edition holiday items. These can be delivered with your tree if interested. Whatever you want! Sometimes you’ll find deals from the previous end-of-season inventory available for the current year.
Once you select your tree, all other festive items default to "not interested". If interested, simply add them as you scroll down through check out. If not, skip it! It’s quite easy really.” -TS.

How Much Does This Cost?
“Delivery is included in the online pricing. Trees are available for a discount if they are picked up at my warehouse. I can also set up your tree in the desired room within your home if you opt for my Red Hat Service as well as return in January to remove and recycle your tree. I deliver only the highest quality Fraser Fir Christmas trees and holiday items.” -TS.

How Can I Arrange Delivery?
“Select a delivery day and time on my submission form within 12 hours notice. Typically online scheduling for the next day cuts off by 5pm the day before unless they day is already blocked off because it is full. I deliver during time blocks on each day starting mid November through December 20th or so. I’ll do my best to be punctual but depending on the day's work, myself or my crew can get a little overwhelmed. Please leave additional comments for me relative to a successful delivery in the comments box on this website.” -TS.

What If I Don’t Like My Christmas Tree Upon Delivery?
“Spin it! Typically trees are displayed against the wall or in a corner. Turn the tree clockwise or counter clockwise as needed to display the trees best side according to your vantage point. Since they are not artificially manufactured there will always be a slight variance in the tree branches, density, etc and there is always a “sweet spot” for display. It’s a good first step to “fixing” any aesthetic issues right off the bat. Further, my trees are Fraser Firs, which are the best real Christmas trees available on any given years nationwide tree yield. Further, of those I only deliver the best select grades in that category from an award winning tree farm in North Carolina where the Frasers are native so they’re literally the best of the best available on any given year. That being said I will work with you if you are not satisfied. Rest assured, they’re awesome trees!” -TS.

What About Tree Stands?
“Got em'. We mainly stock Cinco Stands. They're made in the USA, super high quality and a great value. And hey! I met the founder/owner Ramon recently. Great guy, who really “stands” behind his…well, stands. Tree stands are available for purchase or rental and can be included upon delivery right along with anything else. Just make sure that I can pick up the stand in January via also adding “Red Hat Service” if you prefer stand rental. Otherwise, how would I get it back?” -TS.

Do The Elves Cut And Deliver The Trees Too?
“No not really! Define elf. But I do have helpers!” -TS.

Does Santa Claus Really Deliver Trees?
“Well no, not Santa Claus. I (TreeSanta) deliver most of the trees. I usually come to your door though in full red Santa suit and hat. You may want to mention to your kids if/when they see me though that I am the TreeSanta, not THE REAL SANTA!” -TS.

Does TreeSanta Recycle??
“Ohh yeah! In early January my helpers can return to remove and recycle your tree.” -TS.

How About Artificial Trees, do you deliver those?
Not I! -TS.

How About Extra-Large Real Trees?
“Currently I deliver trees up to the 8-9’ category in total height. In the past we’ve tried to manage delivery of larger trees into Chicago residences but there are too many hurdles to overcome starting with a not-so-random unawareness of how high (low?) ceilings are in the rooms where the taller trees are envisioned being set up.” -TS.

What About Tree Lights?
I stock the most technologically advanced LED Christmas lights in both white, red and multi-colored. What this means is that they appear to be the old incandescent bulbs (long tubes with point at end) but they're actually LED lighting. They last a reeeeeally long time, very low voltage (compared to incandescent bulbs) For more on the benefits of using LED lighting please see my tree lights information at checkout or hit up Google for a search on m5 LED lights. Regardless if I provide them or someone else, all incandescent bulbs should be replaced with LEDs for tree illumination. It’s energy efficient and much safer.” -TS.

What About Post-Christmas Tree Removal, Does TreeSanta Recycle?
“You betcha! Simply opt to include my pickup service on the checkout form online. My helpers and I will return to your residence in early January to remove the tree from the stand inside your home or from your front door step. I also have tree bags to accommodate up to 10' trees to keep your place "needle" free upon removal which I can include with your tree upon delivery if you prefer. A light cleanup will also be performed prior to departure with last years tree but removal can get a bit messy depending on area accessibility, etc. Please be aware of that? All Christmas Trees we pick up are recycled at a local recycle yard in Chicago. Also, don't forget for every tree I deliver, 2 or 3 new trees are always then planted each year from the nursery in North Carolina that I source from.” -TS.

Can I Schedule A Tree To Be Delivered Same Day?
“That’s a tough one. Sometimes but it has to be done over the phone day of. Online delivery scheduling is always best though and that closes for the next day at 5pm each day, the day before.” -TS.

How Can We Make Payment?
I wish I could get paid in gold! Currently credit card via our secure online ordering form is the best route.” -TS.

When Does TreeSanta start running each year?
“Typically the week of or before Thanksgiving through December 20th or so.” -TS.

TreeSanta is Chicagoland's Premier Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor Delivery Service
Happy Holidays!! TreeSanta offers totally festive and free delivery of Chicago's finest Fraser Fir Christmas Trees, wreaths, tree stands, tree skirts, LED lights, his-very-own-super-plush Santa hats, ornament hooks, tree removal bags (if he doesn't come back to remove and recycle your tree himself) and many other super fun, ultra-festive holiday items. TreeSanta comes right to your front door step or even sets your Christmas Tree up in your home November 1st thru December 24th.

"Click HERE for my delivery zone(s) this year" - TS

"Merry Christmas Chicagooooooo, See you soon!" - TreeSanta